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Headache, Neck Pain and TMJ Dysfunction Treatments
Andrew Smith, D.C.,
Spinal Care Specialist

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Our Commitment To You

Your Treatment Success Is Our Focus

Have you been living in constant pain and discomfort? The Head and Neck Centers of Excellence delivers the answers you want and the treatment you need to make your headache, neck pain, and jaw pain a thing of the past.

We correct the underlying cause of your pain instead of just treating the symptoms.

Our exclusive A.S. Remodeling Procedure allows us to treat cases in which other therapies have failed. Thanks to our leading treatment methodologies and iTrac Cervical disc stretching treatment, we successfully help patients treat:

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • TMJ Disorder
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Numbness in Hands
  • Poor Posture

Furthermore, we follow a strict 2-Step Patient Qualification Process before we accept any cases to ensure diagnostic accuracy and that we position our patients for success.

It’s Time For You To Live Again Without The Pain!

For Our New Patients

Dr. Andrew Smith - The Head and Neck Centers of Excellence Offer

Your Outcome Success

If you’re like most of our patients, you’ve probably tried several different treatments with disappointing results.

We do things differently here.

We follow a strict 2-step patient qualification process:

  1. An in-depth, all-encompassing consultation including a thorough analysis of your individual situation and any previous medical examinations.
  2. A comprehensive, orthopedic, neurological examination and imaging as necessary. We will only accept you into our practice if you have a high probability of successful results.

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Ian Green
Ian Green
14:18 20 May 20
Dr Smith is a 5 ⭐️ Chiropractor, and is results driven. From the moment I began seeing his practice, Dr Smith took a picture of my spine, and devised a game plan for cure. The girls is the office are all positive and friendly. Highly recommend !!
Harold Glasband
Harold Glasband
20:07 12 May 20
Help me with severe back pain. Amazing 😉
Jenny Miller
Jenny Miller
16:34 12 May 20
As a massage therapist I have some knowledge and experience with chiropractic work. I went to Dr. Smith with pain in my face and jaw and he did a very complete and detailed assessment. By the second treatment my pain was gone. I've continued with our treatment plan and continue to feel positive changes in my neck and spine. I cannot recommend Dr. Smith enough. He's the best chiropractor I've ever experienced.
Eli Biksen
Eli Biksen
14:03 07 May 20
I am a patient for the last two years.DR. Smith fixed my shoulder issues, got me off pain medication.I am doing maintenance now.Highly recommend him if you suffer from pain and aches. DOC Smith is not only knowledgeable but more importantly cares about your well being. Thanks doc for helping me better enjoy my passion- tennis.
jim bob
jim bob
23:50 06 May 20
Dr. Smith and his staff are the best. Personalized service, none of this one size fits all garbage that’s so common these days.
Mary Baker
Mary Baker
19:25 10 Feb 20
I’ve suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. I’ve been seeing Dr. Smith for a year and in just two months of seeing him they were gone. I haven’t had one since. He is amazing and I’m so happy to have found someone that truly listens and cares.
Jillian smith
Jillian smith
12:21 02 Nov 19
Joyce Remeny-Schwartz
Joyce Remeny-Schwartz
17:59 20 Oct 19
Mary Margaret Baker
Mary Margaret Baker
14:54 01 Apr 19
Brian Govier
Brian Govier
00:55 31 Mar 19
What a great experience!! My neck is the best in years!
Reshma Kutte
Reshma Kutte
14:38 22 Feb 19
Daily afternoon headaches prompted my initial visit to Dr. Smith. After weeks of attributing the pain to sinus issues with no results from OTC medications, I concluded that there must be a different source for my daily suffering. An x-ray revealed that I had lost the natural curvature where my head and spine meet... an obvious reflection of years of sitting at a desk and bad posture. I actually expected the diagnosis to be worse! Dr. Smith discussed a thorough plan with me, including treatments and self guided exercises, to not only alleviate pain in the short term, but a regimen to correct my posture and spine. His technology is impressive and I already feel relief after only a few visits. He has been able to successfully work on especially tough and tense areas where other chiropractors have failed. He and his staff are friendly and accommodating. I look forward to continuing my journey here!
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