A.S. Remodeling Protocol®

Ever wonder why
headache sufferers will often complain that their pain seems to come from their neck, and neck pain sufferers will often complain that their pain affects their jaw and TMJ area, and TMJD sufferers will commonly complain that their jaw pain causes headaches??  And around, around they go…

That is because there is a huge, TRIADIC relationship between the three. Our A.S. Remodeling Protocol® targets all three by correcting the TWO major problems:

  1.  Abnormal positioning and imbalance of the spine, particularly in the upper back and neck.  This creates pressure on spinal discs, irritates delicate nerves, and can even force the bottom of the jaw forward.  This creates inflammation and can lead to chronic pain.
  2. Inflammation in the body from an imbalance in its chemistry.  Being toxic or deficient in nutrients can create increased pain.  Using functional nutrition based on lab work and blood tests is used to pinpoint the imbalance in chemistry.  The correct food consumption and even supplements can bring the body back into homeostasis. 

A.S. Remodeling Protocol® uses three steps to help patients correct the cause of their problem:

  1. State of the art, FDA-approved digital technology to target specific discs to gently stretch them apart, relieve pressure on delicate nerves, and restore better spinal positioning.  Our practice is one of only three offices in the entire state of Florida with this iTrac® technology.
  2. Gentle, hands on spinal corrective movements to align the spinal segments, break-up ligament, tendon, and muscle tension to restore proper balance.
  3. Analysis of blood work through specific lab panels to detect nutritional toxicities or deficiencies.  Using functional nutrition and or supplements to bring the body back into homeostasis.   

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