Our rehabilitation protocols use postural neuro-movements, physiotherapy, exercises, and iTrac® therapy.  The iTrac® is a modern and effective seated therapy device designed for restoring the cervical curve and reducing Forward Head Posture.

The results are measurable and long-lasting. The science behind iTrac® is based on 30 years of spinal biophysics research.

iTrac® alters the shape of the spine by remodeling spinal soft tissues.  It combines technology and scientific innovation to very slowly and gently push the back of the neck while simultaneously stretching the muscles and ligaments in the front of the neck using a comfortable chin strap.  iTrac® therapy is performed with patients positioned in various degrees of cervical extension, which provides exceptional comfort and predictable cervical curve correction.  The movement happens so slowly over fractions of a second that the patient won’t even feel it getting stronger.

Similar to Orthodontics, the change happens over a period of time, so the patient doesn’t notice the movement all at once.  A computer controls the progression, so the gradual pressure and speed is always the same.  This slow stretch changes the length of the ligaments that regulate posture because it controls the shape of the spine.

AS remodeling protocol - i-trac therapy

You comfortably sit in the iTrac® and after 8-12 minutes the “stretching is done!  All the data and progression is digital and stored electronically.  A series of treatments is required in order to achieve successful outcomes.  How many treatments will vary case by case.

Over time, iTrac®, combined with specific movements of the head, neck, and jaw will reestablish the normal curvature, restore normal muscle tone, reduce pressure on spinal discs, and release compressed nerve roots.

iTrac® Treatments– Frequently Asked Questions

iTrac® – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the proven/clinical results?2018-11-01T16:29:03-04:00
  • Having a healthy neck curve reduces many issues: headaches, neck pain, TMJ pain, text neck, etc.
  • A healthy neck curve also allows for improved range of motion.
  • Activities of daily living are able to be completed without pain.
  • More fully live life and fulfil your many roles – professional, parent, spouse, etc
Does iTrac® hurt?2018-11-01T16:27:56-04:00

No…it actually feels like a deep stretch.  It takes a few times to get used to it – so we’ll start you out easy and work our way up so you’re comfortable.  You may feel like you had a massage afterward…the good kind of sore. Think of it like orthodontics for your spine, except you don’t have to wear the braces home… you just do it in the office!

How soon can I expect results?2018-11-01T16:26:42-04:00
  • Patients typically begin to experience symptomatic relief within the first 2 weeks.
  • Typically patients come in 2-3 visits per week for 8-12 weeks.
  • The doctor will re-evaluate after the first 24 visits and then determine if more treatment is needed or not.
How exactly does iTrac® work?2018-11-01T16:26:01-04:00
  • Your personal measurements and settings are loaded into the computer from the doctor’s initial assessment and prescribed therapy, then our staff will access your patient record and start your customized iTrac® treatment.
  • The system delivers the amount of prescribed “stretching” your neck needs and will apply the appropriate pressure over an 8-12 minute period.
  • When the process is finished, our staff member will assist you in exiting the iTrac®.
  • You have access to a stop button should you want to end your session any time throughout your treatment.
What does iTrac® do?2018-11-01T16:25:17-04:00

It slowly and smoothly stretches the muscles and ligaments in the front of your neck to restore the curve that is needed in order to live pain-free.

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