Neck pain specialists see more and more patients needing relief from neck pain caused by stress. It is not surprising after the year we have had – levels of stress have skyrocketed in 2020 thanks to COVID-19 and the financial implications of the pandemic.

While stress affects many areas of the body, the neck muscles are particularly prone to tense up when you are experiencing persistent stress. Often the pain spreads from your neck resulting in a tension headache or pain and restricted movement of the jaw joint and the adjacent muscles too. Research shows that 71% of adults experience neck pain at some stage.

  1. Rule out serious underlying problems

EEven though stress is a major catalyst to neck pain, if pain persists you should visit a specialist to rule out more serious conditions before self treating.

  1. Stretch your muscles and ligaments

At-home neck pain treatment involves a series of stretches that target your neck muscles. Learn about proper stretches and exercises that can be applied to loosen tight muscles and joints.

  1. Heat/Cold application

You can alternate with heat and cold to decrease inflammation and relax muscle tissue. You can use a warm beanbag on your neck area or enjoy a nice hot soak in the tub. Add some Epsom salts to further relieve the pain in your neck.

  1. Neck massage therapy

Massage therapy is one of the most reliable ways to reduce neck pain. If your stress is causing tight and restricted muscle, a trained licensed Massage therapist may be your next step. They can target the muscles to help them relax and increase blood and nutrient to the tissues.


If you are still experiencing neck discomfort, it may be time to call the Head and Neck Centers of Excellence. With proper testing and examination, they will help you uncover the cause of your neck pain, and, apply the correct treatment protocols to help you.

Sometimes, a specific treatment plan is what will make the short and long term difference!

Managing stress is certainly easier said than done, however with the proper guidance it is always easier!