There are a few viable options when it comes to the treatment of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint pain. One of the most natural and successful treatments for TMJ is exercise. This not only goes for a regular physical exercise routine that involves the whole body (endorphins provide great pain relief!), but also for specific exercises targeted at the mouth, head, and neck. We highlight some of the latter below:

Why Do TMJ Specialist Exercises?

The exercises designed to relieve the pain associated with TMJ can help to reduce symptoms because they relax the jaw muscles and stretch out the other muscles in the head and neck, which have the potential to exacerbate the condition.

3 TMJ Exercises to Try

When doing any form of TMJ exercise, it is very important that you place the tip of the tongue on the lower palate, just behind the front teeth and focus on relaxing the jaw muscles. You can do so by keeping the teeth slightly apart and being careful to avoid letting the tongue move upwards towards the top palate.

  1. Stabilized Head Flection
    This exercise deals with the head and neck. Bring your chin toward your neck and as close to your chest as you can before pushing it out again.
  1. Biting
    Place your finger on one of your upper canines and then try to bite it. Repeat a few times, and do this any time throughout the day that you feel pain.
  1. Posture
    A poor posture can contribute to TMJ discomfort. Work on your posture by sitting up straight and squeezing the shoulder blades together, all the while lifting the chest upwards. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat multiple times a day.

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