If you are suffering from chronic neck pain, one of the most likely causes is a herniated disc.  This may sound worrying, but it is not an uncommon occurrence.  With the right treatment, you may become stable and pain free.  Here is what you need to know about herniated neck disc causes, treatments, and possible symptoms.


So, what causes a herniated disc in the first place?  More often than not, a herniated disc is a result of wear-and-tear over time.  However, other possible causes include sudden movements, heavy lifting, auto accidents, slip and falls, trauma, poor posture, and even genetics.


Did you know that it is possible to suffer from a herniated neck disc without actually suffering at all? Some people do not notice any symptoms at all, especially if it doesn’t affect the nerve.  Others may experience numbness or a tingling sensation and/or weakness in the hands and arms.  More serious symptoms may occur if the disc is pressing on the spinal cord itself.


Specific physical movements, ice or heat, gentle adjustments are usually the first port of call. Some doctors may recommend medication to temporarily reduce inflammation, while extreme cases may require surgery.  Here at the Head and Neck Centers of Excellence, we add a unique approach.  A far less invasive solution called Cervical curve remodeling.  Using a combination of therapies, Dr. Andrew Smith has developed the A. S. Remodeling protocol®.  It can relieve pressure on neck discs and help treat symptoms such as headaches, neck pain and even TMJD.

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