If you are searching for neck pain relief solutions, then it is possible that you have neck disc problems, bulging discs or simply a stiff neck.

To understand the treatment options, it is good to understand how your spine works.

Your spine is composed of individual bones called vertebrae. Your vertebrae form a protective tunnel called the spinal canal which surrounds the spinal cord as it travels down the length of your spine. On each side of the spinal cord, spinal nerves exit the spinal canal through a small, bony channel.

Cervical spinal nerves travel through your neck, shoulders, and arms. Between your skull and your rib cage are seven vertebrae that make up your cervical spine. Flexible pads, known as intervertebral discs, provide a cushion between your vertebrae for the movements your head and neck make every day. The cervical spine supports the weight of your head, allows your head to rotate and tilt, and helps you to bend your neck.

Cervical disc pressure increases when your neck bends forward, backward, and sideways. Intervertebral discs consist of a tough outer ring of tissue called the annulus fibrosis, and a soft, jelly-like center called the nucleus pulposus.

During an injury, your spine may be forced forward or hyper-flexed, causing your vertebrae to compress the front of one or more of your cervical discs beyond normal limits. Hyper-flexion of the neck is a common injury that occurs in motor vehicle accidents and some sports. As a result, your jelly-like nucleus pulposus is pushed backwards into your annulus fibrosis, causing small tears.

Neck Pain Relief Treatments

The best neck treatment can be performed by a medical professional. You may be prescribed OTC pain medication or offered surgery.

Here at The Head and Neck Centers of Excellence, we recommend conservative treatments that aim to correct the cause of the pain, not just mask the pain.  We utilize our exclusive-AS remodeling protocol that gently relieves pressure on the neck while restoring natural positioning. Contact us for more information about neck pain relief for chronic neck pain today.