Are you sick and tired of being in pain and agony all the time? Do you want to discover a natural remedy that may eliminate your headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain? The Head and Neck Centers of Excellence have effective solutions to address these issues. In this blog, we discuss how you can improve your fitness routine, work on your spinal hygiene and lead a pain-free life.

Spinal care, such as Chiropractic therapy, active release therapy,and flexibility core training can be beneficial in maximizing your overall wellness while improving your fitness regimen. Adding proper spinal care to your exercise routine can get better results, avoid injuries, and perform better.

Instead of only treating the symptoms of your pain, our innovative A.S. Remodelling procedure targets the fundamental cause by stretching, repositioning, and realigning the spine into better biomechanics. We have successfully helped countless people overcome persistent headaches, neck discomfort, TMJ condition, pinched nerves, hand numbness, and poor posture with our cutting-edge treatment methodology and iTrac Cervical disc stretching treatment. Using this digital technology, taking pressure off delicate nerves, and gently elongating connective ligaments, relief is possible.

Our dedication to the success of your treatment is what makes us unique. We strictly adhere to a two-step patient qualification process to guarantee accurate diagnosis and set up our patients for success. We prioritize individualized care and invest the time to examine your case and prior physicals carefully. We only accept patients with a high likelihood of success thanks to our thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluation and any necessary imaging.

How Spinal Care Can Make The Most of Your Fitness Routine:

Our A.S. Remodeling Protocol® focuses on the triadic association between headaches, neck pain, and TMJ dysfunction. We reduce pressure on spinal discs, irritate sensitive nerves, and improve spinal alignment by adjusting the spine’s imbalance and incorrect positioning. Our regimen also targets inflammation in the body utilizing functional nutrition, which is based on lab results and blood tests that identify chemistry imbalances. This all-encompassing strategy addresses the underlying causes of pain and encourages long-term alleviation.

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP)

Chiropractic biophysics is an approach that focuses on enhancing spinal alignment and function via a broad range of motion. CBP adjustments permanently alter the spine’s structure by reducing pain and improving the range of motion. Our CBP-certified doctors are trained to identify and treat spinal problems for the best results for our patients.

Exercises for Correct Posture

Under the direction of our chiropractic physicians, specific activities are created to strengthen muscles that have weakened due to improper posture. These exercises are done to meet your physical abilities, help you regain a normal posture, and maintain optimal spinal correction. To help your long-term success, we also offer ergonomic advice and could suggest chiropractic BioPhysics equipment.

iTrac® Therapy

The iTrac® Spine Remodelling System is a specialized tool that helps the neck and head reposition to their natural positions. It relieves pressure and stress that is brought on by bad posture or spinal misalignment on the vertebral discs, back muscles, neck muscles, and neck ligaments. Chronic pain, neck stiffness, and even some temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Frequent headaches brought on by poor neck and head posture can also be addressed with iTrac® therapy.

We at the Head and Neck Centers of Excellence are aware of the damaging effects of stress on the body, physical, chemical, and emotional. Book a consultation to let us help you optimize your exercise regime with Chiropractic care.