1. Have a team of professionals:
    There is so much information readily available these days that it can be difficult to get the health care professionals you need in the time frame you need them.  Your primary care, surgeon, chiropractor, physical therapist, and even massage therapist should all be working with you to achieve your health goals. Your information should be shared amongst your team, as well as the treatment protocols so all have their specific roles to play.
  1. Develop a plan:
    It’s easy to say, but hard to implement.  The right diagnosis is key.  When it comes to your spine you should have detailed action steps that go from ultra conservative through the most assertive procedures.  Your care should include at home habit changes as well.
  1. Have Discipline:
    You must have heard this a thousand times, “discipline determines destiny”.  If you are not consistent with your care, your exercises and your habits, you will ultimately become worse.  Joints require a routine in order to function properly.
  1. See the big picture:
    When you are suffering with pain, it is very easy to be short sighted and take to much of an aggressive approach too soon.  Sometimes a lack of patience can make you do things that are permanent.  Seeing your problem in its entirety and have the fortitude to stick to a plan may provide you with the correction you desire.
  1. Do your research:
    Trusting professional is ultimately what we must do to resolve our health issues.  However, don’t assume anything.  Be responsible, know your condition, know the choices and consequences.  Ask lots of questions and gain knowledge.  Then, and only then you can be comfortable with your decisions.

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